Immigration videos featuring Don Curry

The immigrant answer--The Globe and Mail's series on the future of immigration in Canada, May 4, 2012, How integration helped immigrants settle in this Ontario town

Local Immigration Partnerships' promising practices--Don Curry, North Bay LIP, on employer engagement, March 29, 2014

Immigration articles by or about Don Curry

January 8, 2018

CTV News, video clip

10 years of helping newcomers

January 7, 2018

The North Bay & District Multicultural Centre is celebrating a milestone in 2018

January 6, 2018

North Bay Nugget

Multicultural Centre celebrates 10 years

January 2, 2018

Refugees can help grow North Bay economy

November 16, 2017

Immigrant numbers growing in North Bay

April 20, 2017

The Sault Star

Project aims to attract immigrants to the North

April 17, 2017

Sudbury Star/North Bay Nugget

NPI: Northern Ontario needs people


April 13, 2017

North needs to attract immigrants to counter population loss, says think tank

Northern Policy Institute

April 12, 2017

NPI commissions a "Northern Newcomer Strategy"

​Northern Ontario needs a surge in population


​April 5, 2017

Seventy first generation immigrant-owned businesses in North Bay

New Canadian Media

​February 25, 2017

​Immigrant entrepreneurs moving north

Northern Ontario Business

​February 2017

Newcomers welcome in Northern Ontario

CBC Radio Metro Morning with Mary Wiens

​December 28, 2016--Secondary migration from the GTA to Northern Ontario

​Six-minute live interview

New Canadian Media, December 21, 2016--Brockville, look to GTA, not India

TV Ontario, June 2016--Should permanent residents have the right to vote municipally?

New Canadian Media, July 4, 2016--Let's discuss investor sweetheart deals for all provinces


New Canadian Media, April 20, 2016--Refugee settlement:  Government playing Big Brother

North Bay Nugget, March 23, 2016--Students Who Make a Difference to be honoured

North Bay Nugget March 10, 2016--Curry inducted into Hall of Fame March 10, 2016--Inductee named for Nipissing District Human Rights Hall of Fame February 7, 2016--A journey nearly complete!A-journey-nearly-complete/c1kod/56b4f5410cf2dc1600e56236

Bay January 27, 2016--Home found for Syrian refugees

North Bay Nugget, January 27, 2016--Details about Syrian family unveiled January 26, 2016--Syrian family arriving soon; but not the one we are expecting

New Canadian Media, January 7, 2016--Refugee "freeloaders' myth needs a reality check, January 7, 2016--Refugee "freeloaders' myth needs a reality check--commentary

North Bay Nugget, January 6, 2016--City's refugee effort captured on film

North Bay Nugget, January 2, 2016--City eagerly awaits first Syrian family

New Canadian Media, December 6, 2015--First Syrian refugees to arrive in Northern Ontario

New Canadian Media, November 27, 2015--Canada must settle refugees in small towns

New Canadian Media, November 17, 2015--Refugees trying to escape violence, not stoke it

New Canadian Media, August 10, 2015--A current snapshot of Canadian multiculturalism

HR North--Cochrane District immigration focus of study

North Bay Nugget, May 15, 2015--City adds voice to lobbying

Bay Today, May 15, 2015--Council supports push for permanent residents' municipal vote, May 14, 2015--OCASI welcomes North Bay City Council decision on permanent resident vote

Timmins Today, December 8, 2014--Project takes aim at issue of racism in Timmins

KISS, October 21, 2014--An expanding role for the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre

New Canadian Media, November 20, 2013--The future of immigrant settlement in Northern Ontario

North Bay Nugget, September 16, 2013--City sees immigration growth

Country 600, January 22, 2013--Big increase in clients at North Bay & District Multicultural Centre

Smiths, Jan. 21, 2013--Employer workshop to provide tools for addressing workforce shortages and hiring skilled immigrants

Pembroke Daily Observer, December 8, 2012--Attracting and retaining skilled newcomers key to economic growth

ALLIES, A Maytree idea--North Bay & District Multicultural Centre

Canadian Immigrant, June 8, 2011--Timmins opens new multicultural centre

Canadian Newcomer--An award winning tradition of welcoming newcomers

Northern Ontario Business, October 2010--North Bay investing in immigration

Timmins Press, May 18, 2010--Community diversity key to economic future

Northern Ontario Business, March 1, 2010--New tools for entrepreneurial immigrants

Kirkland Lake Northern News, July 20, 2009--North Bay leads way to attract immigration

Huntsville Forester, August 20, 2008--Settlement agency now serves Parry Sound area

Debwewin, August 2004---A three-city anti-racism initiative in Northern Ontario

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